Art work for sale

Salmon With Bear

wildlife paintings, paintings of wildlife, American artists of wildlife, oil paintings of wildlife,

Acrylic 24 x 28" framed


Mass Extinction

UK artists, artists from UK, wildlife artists, paintings of wildlife, elephant paintings, art prints


Commissions taken

Chestnut Horse

horse portraits, horses in pastels, oil paintings of horses, horse artists UK,  painters of equine

16 X 12" 

acrylic on canvas (framed)


Big Three

buy wildlife art, wildlife art for sale, lion paintings, paintings of lions, pictures of lion cubs

Oil on Canvas 15 x 12" framed

Limited Palette

£80 each 

Back from The Brink

 big cat paintings, pictures of wild cats, leopard pictures, big cat photography, wildlife art USA


Acrylic on Canvas board 27 x 36" framed)


Yellowstone Bison

American wildlife paintings for sale. buffalo paintings, American wildlife art, art from the USA UK

Acrylic on canvas 22 x 27" framed


Leaping Fox

Wildlife paintings, paintings of British wildlife, wildlife photographs, fox paintings, fox pictures

Oil on Canvas  31 x 27 framed £100

Grey Heron

bird pictures, paintings of birds, photos of British birds, bird artists UK, oil paintings of birds

Oil on Canvas 20 x 24 framed £100


paintings of wildlife, wildlife in acrylic, oil paintings, portraits of animals, wildlife prints

Oil on Canvas 25 x 25 framed £125

Gemma and Bread Van

Equine paintings, horse painting, horse pictures, oil paintings of horses, horse portraits in pastel


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