Art work for sale

Salmon With Bear

Wildlife paintings of brown, black and grizzly bears.

24 x 28"

Acrylic (framed)


Mass Extinction

Commission a bespoke wildlife painting by artist Mo Lee.


Chestnut Horse

Equine paintings are a speciality of  Lincolnshire artist Mo Lee.  Any size canvas in any medium.

16 X 12" 

acrylic on canvas (framed)


Big Three

Big three paintings of elephant, rhino and Lion. Sales of wildlife art by artist Mo Lee.

15 x 12"

Oil on Canvas (Framed)

Limited Palette

£80 each painting


Back from The Brink

 Amur leopard painting for sale by wildlife artist Mo lee.  Big cats and lions by  Yorkshire artist

27 x 36"

Acrylic on Canvas board (Framed)


Yellowstone Bison

American wildlife paintings for sale. Bison and buffalo a speciality of UK artist. Sales shipped USA

22 x 27"

Acrylic on canvas (Framed)